Handy foldable macaron shopping bag

Environmentally friendly. Doesn’t take up any place in any woman’s handbag, but oh so handy when popping into the supermarket on the way home and you want to avoid those plastic bags and do your bit for the environment! Nicely folded away in a macaron shaped container. Produced by French brand Entre Temps from the CMP group in Paris. Thanks Esther!

macaron shppping bag

macaron bagmacaron bag2macaron bag4

The Macaron Lamp by Spanish designer Silvia Ceñal Idarreta

Not only the Makastool, but also a macaron lamp was found today!  A Spanish design by Silvia Ceñal Idarreta Design Studio.


Silvia Ceñal was born in San Sebastián in 1985. After studying a Technical Ingeneering in the University of Basque Country, she extended her knowledge in Groningen (Netherlands) and Florence (Italy). After a short period working in different studios, she increased her know-how in furniture design at IED in Madrid. In 2010 she continued her career at Stone Designs Studio, working with Cutu Mazuelos and Eva Prego.

The Macaron Makastool by Italian LI VING Design

My friend Esther just app’ed me a picture of an article in a design magazine she was reading, asking me ‘for you’?. I checked out the website and am in love. There is no question if this is ‘for me’.. The answer is ‘of course’! The question is ‘which colour’. And the next question may even be ‘how many’? First thing tomorrow morning… a call to Italy.  Hope it is still Christmas….!!

And then the question comes to mind ‘will there be an eclair bench in the future?’.

macaron makastool1

The Makastool is an Italian design by Li Ving. And from Puglia no less, where i was holidaying this year. Sprung from the creativity of a team with experiences in design, architecture and handicraft,
LI-VING is a design, self-production and sale brand of interior design elements founded by Antonio Lauriola and Vito Vero.

macaron makastool2

macaron makastool3

Macaron Ice Cream, the American rage in The Netherlands

Well well, what have we here!? First time I see this in the Netherlands. Macaron ice-cream. Which reminds me of my blog about Pierre Herme’s Ms Gla Gla ice cream of course, but also of the blog about Milk, the ice cream parlor in Los Angeles!  I don’t expect high quality looking at the price, but you can be sure I will be off to the shop Hoogvliet very quickly to at least give them a try and see them for myself! thanks Ms M!

mac ice

Douche macaron – Douceurs by Christophe Felder

macaron christophe felder douchemacarons douceur christophe felderChrisophe Felder patissier introduced douche gels with macaron fragrances, cherries, menthe to refresh and orange to relax, chocolate to de-stress (different from relax?), blueberries, strawberries and my personal favorite fragrance vanille which apparently is forgiving (!). Remind yourself to lather and by accident take a sip!!

To be ordered from: http://www.beaute-addict.com/produit-bain/createurs-de-beaute_christophe-felder-les-douceurs-parfumees-douche-macaron-cerise-griotte/


macaron douche christophe macarons douche chris felder


Hilfiger gets it: Hold on to what you love!

Poptasi created this for Tommy Hilfiger…. So true:

‘Hold on to what you love’

(don’t let it slip away)

macarons hold on love