Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

Mrs Meyer's

Introduction – how i met Mrs. Meyer

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning products. The next best thing to macarons. When eating out at  ‘the other Mrs. Meyer’s’, Restaurant Mevrouw Meijer in Rotterdam, and visiting the Ladies’ Room I washed my hands with Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap. I asked the waitress where they got this from as I had never seen this product before. The owner chef of the restaurant, Richard Meijer, has relatives in the US who bought this over for him whilst visiting The Netherlands. As much as I love Richard Meijer’s French kitchen -he makes macarons also-, I also love the fact i was introduced to ‘the other’  Mrs. Meyer in his rest rooms!

I found out for myself that Mrs. Meyer does not deliver outside the US and Canada, so fortunately a friend of mine living in Charlottesville was kind enough to carry my first delivery of products with him on his visit to The Netherlands. On the Facebook and Twitter sites (they are also on Pinterest) I was in contact with Mrs. Meyer and they advised me to buy from Amazon. I did but unfortunately the shipping costs almost more than the products themselves, so I hope to find another solution to this problem.

The Clean Day Range


Back to the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Products; this is a full range of earth-friendly household cleaning products such as liquid dish soap, dish washer machine tablets, surface cleaning, all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner, soap bars, laundry detergent; the list just goes on and on. And all these come in 12 different garden scents! That in itself is irresistible. Add the lovely graphic design of the packaging and the beautiful Mrs. Thelma Meyer…. and you’re hooked. Grow inspired, like I did!

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