Home made macarons

Home made macarons

Macarons can be made in all the colours and flavours imagineable! My fillings are usually based on a white, milk or dark chocolate ganache. A ganache is made from the best chocolate, cream andbutter. A filling of just the plain ganache is delicious, but if you like you can flavour the ganache with for example vanilla, mocca, coffee, mint, pistache, orange, strawberry, passionfruit…. the list is endless.

The flavours I add are made of real fresh ingredients, either from my own garden or a high quality compote, but never a concentrated artificial flavour.

My personal favourite is salted caramel and, you have to be Dutch I guess, liquorice / reglisse en francais!

Have a look at my macarons!

‘Ik maak de lekkerste!’….
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Macarons are made from almond power, egg whites and sugar. People with a nut allergy cannot eat macarons. Once I find a recipe for a ‘nut-free’ macaron I will let you know!