More and more books on macarons are availalble nowawadays. I try to collect them all for you here!

Mac About Macarons by Jill Colonna (A scottish lassie living in Paris)




Macarons, Pierre Herme





 Macarons, de geheimen van de Patissier, Jose Marechal





Makronen, Jose Marechal

Irresistible Macaroons, Jose Marechal

Les Meilleurs Macarons, Christophe Felder

Macarons, vive les gourmands, Stephane Glacie


 I Love Macarons by Hisako Ogita
macaronmagic amMacaron Magic by Jialin Tian




Zumbarons by Adriano Gumbo





Éclairs! by Christophe Adam

Eclairs! by Christophe Adam

Eclairs! by Christophe Adam

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