Macaron sticky notes

Thanks to Chris for getting me these lovely water colour illustrated Macaron sticky notes set!!!  Nearly too nice to use!

macaron notes2 macarons notes

Chocorons by Sadaharu Aoki

Look what I found from @eatlivtravwrite on Twitter: Chocorons by Sadaharu Aoki. The Japanese pastry chef is famed for infusing French pastries with Japanese ingredients and sensibilities, and has made a big name for himself in France, Japan, and beyond.



aoki choco aoki chocorons



While Aoki is most famed for his Japanese-inspired pastries (think matcha, yuzu, azuki beans), what I would really like to taste is the tarte caramel salé (€5),  A spiral of creamy milk chocolate mousse, a buttery crispy tart shell, and – cut the tart open and out oozes – an intensely aromatic salted caramel.
aoki      aoki2



And, being a colour addict…. how about these chocolates which look like eclairs, made to perfection:


Can’t wait for my next visit to Paris!

Macarons in Pomellato jewellery advert

Not only Boucheron loves macrons, Pomellato also loves macarons. And we love the Pomellato’s Nudo Collection!


macaron pommelato1

Marc Jacobs’ Splash Macarons

We found macarons in advertising before, particularly in jewellery and also in beauty industry. Here you see Marc Jacobs’ Splash advert! Haven’t tried this fragrance. It looks nice, am sure it smells nice and clean! Does it?

macaron marc jacobs

Macaron table cloth from Toulon

I didn’t know how quick to respond to Rob’s email asking me how many meters I would like to have. R&A spotted this macaron table cloth in Toulon. 300×150 please!!

macaron tafelkleed

Echt Hema!

Now we really now macarons have reached the point that they are in everyone’s life, even in The Netherlands! Hema sells macarons! Thanks Tan for bringing them along and sorry for not allowing you to have more than 2 (as i wanted to keep the box relatively in tact to take a picture the next morning).

macaron hema

Presented in a box of 12, and 6 classic flavours: chocolate, coffee, pistachio, vanilla, lemon and strawberry. (so now you know which flavours we tried last night and we just slid the wrap back over the empty spaces)..


Cool Collaboration: Pucci and LaDuree

Pucci and Ladurée have joined forces.

The NL magazine LXRY likes unique collaboraties, especially if they are surprising and inspirattional. The Italian fashion house Pucci and the luxureous French patissier Ladurée have joined forces.

macaron Emilio-Pucci-Laduree-boxes

Together they designed a series of chic gift boxes filled with Ladurée macarons. For the fashionistas this means not only wearing the latest Pucci fashion but also carrying a box of macarons of the same label. LXRY spots a lot of geometric design and of course the signature Pucci capri print is there also. Especially for this collaboration  Ladurée prepared two new flavours, so now there are macarons in lemon and in rosebud flavour. the luxurious gift box can be found in the Ladurée shops. Mind you: limited only.

Share the Love on Valentine’s Day with the Poptasi Macaron gift box

Share the Love on Valentine’s Day with the Poptasi Macaron gift box available from the Poptasi webshop or from the shop in the Gerard Doustraat 103 in Amsterdam. Personalise your gift box with your loved one’s (pet?) name!

So should anybody feel the urge to surprise me with this gift… my favourite flavours are: Limoncello, Dulce de Leche, Pastis51 and Salty Caramal, so basically 3 of each please 😉

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-11 om 00.17.23


Happy Valentine’s!

Macarons in the luxury jewellery Industry – Boucheron

As macarons are, apart from so tasty, also so very very photogenic. Boucheron dedicated one of their collections to the macaron.  I wouldn’t mind to wear any of these rings!

Boucheron’s Tentation Macaron collection

The Tentation Macaron collection was originally inspired by the delicious, decadent and decidedly French macaron.The Mini Macaron jewellery includes 3 rings, one in pink sapphires with a bite taken out of the macaron to reveal a filling of rubies and two other bite free rings that have their macarons covered in dark rich amethysts or tart green tsavorites. There is also a vibrant pendant that consists of three colorful macarons descending in size down the center of a necklace. The Mini Macaron jewels are guilt free gourmandizes. They give all of the pleasure that comes with surrender to a tasty desire with none of the calories.

macaron boucheron
macaron boucheron1boucheron-macaron copiamacaron collection bocheron