2013 Jour du Macaron

Where best to celebrate the 8th Jour du Macaron but in Paris! So finally, after a lot of talking and no doing, the Thalys is booked, the Hotel is selected, the patissiers tour selected (participating and non participating), and the girls are ready to go!


8th Jour du Macaron 2013

8th Jour du Macaron 2013


Found them…. how to make chocolates made to look like macarons!!

Found them! Chocolate bonbons macarons mould !  by Design & Realisation.

Worldwide delivery! What do you think? Should I order?? Never made bonbons before!


Chocolate pretending to be a macaron!

Macaron look-a-like chocolates?

Just browsing through my Facebook updates I received an update from ‘Macarons et Gourmandises‘ about Arnaud Larher’s Chocolats Privés. I still have to figure out exactly what it is about, but what struck me was the picture in the top right hand corner; look carefully, do you see what I see?!

These surely are not real macarons? Although when I visit Arnaud Larher’s website, I do find macarons in his ‘gamme‘, however the ones in the picture on Facebook look like they are chocolates made to look like macarons! I have posted a question what they are and where to get them, so let’s see if I get a response!