Douche macaron – Douceurs by Christophe Felder

macaron christophe felder douchemacarons douceur christophe felderChrisophe Felder patissier introduced douche gels with macaron fragrances, cherries, menthe to refresh and orange to relax, chocolate to de-stress (different from relax?), blueberries, strawberries and my personal favorite fragrance vanille which apparently is forgiving (!). Remind yourself to lather and by accident take a sip!!

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macaron douche christophe macarons douche chris felder


Macarons in the luxury jewellery Industry – Boucheron

As macarons are, apart from so tasty, also so very very photogenic. Boucheron dedicated one of their collections to the macaron.  I wouldn’t mind to wear any of these rings!

Boucheron’s Tentation Macaron collection

The Tentation Macaron collection was originally inspired by the delicious, decadent and decidedly French macaron.The Mini Macaron jewellery includes 3 rings, one in pink sapphires with a bite taken out of the macaron to reveal a filling of rubies and two other bite free rings that have their macarons covered in dark rich amethysts or tart green tsavorites. There is also a vibrant pendant that consists of three colorful macarons descending in size down the center of a necklace. The Mini Macaron jewels are guilt free gourmandizes. They give all of the pleasure that comes with surrender to a tasty desire with none of the calories.

macaron boucheron
macaron boucheron1boucheron-macaron copiamacaron collection bocheron

Macarons in the beauty industry – Clinique

Clinique’s chubby lipstick, just as shiny as the macaron shells. Who do you believe made them? They look so smooth and shiny. Love the colours!! Love the chubby lipstick also!

macaron clinic3

macaron clinic2

shiny shells