Will Guimauves become hot?

Will there be a Guimauve craze outside of France, just like there is a macaron craze? What do you think?

Will the Guimauve be just as hot as the macaron?

Will the Guimauve be just as hot as the macaron?

I love Guimauve, the colours, the texture, the way they melt in your mouth! Recently, when visiting Meert in Brussels, they had lots of flavoured Guimauves (apart from their speciality les Gaufres).

Guimauve Meert

Guimauve Meert

They are traditional  sweets, very similar to marshmallows, but in my humble opinion a lot more delicate and varied!

Le bonbon au palais guimauve

Le bonbon au palais guimauve

At fairs they are produced on site and wound around a wooden stick to eat as you would a lollypop (messier though).

Arbre Guimauve

Arbre Guimauve










Schermafbeelding 2014-04-24 om 23.09.30

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-24 om 23.10.04









I wonder if this French delicacy will, at some point, also take other countries by storm, just like the macarons did!



I think I will need to have a go at making them myself! I found some recipes!

Chocotober – Pierre Marcolini’s creation for Chocolate Eclair Weekend! – 30 OCT – 3 NOV 2013

Chocotober has another surprise: Pierre Marcolini, as Guest Chef at this event, has, especially for Chocotober Chocolate Eclair Weekend created this amazing chocolate éclair (Crème de chocolat noir Araguani, ganache chocolat Chuao et grué de cacao caramélisé to be precise).

Pierre Marcolini's Chocotober Eclair!

Pierre Marcolini’s Chocotober Eclair!

So, for those people not living in Paris to visit one of Christophe Adam’s boutiques, but in Belgium, London, Kuwait….  I hope you can also enjoy this eclair where you are!!

Pierre Marcolini now has  six stores in Brussels, a further four in the rest of Belgium, four in Tokyo and two in Paris, one in Kuwait, and one supplier in London. For details  of these stores visit Chocolate-Revolution.com


Or indulge yourself via his Twitter  and Facebook updates!

Twitter Pierre Marcolini

Facebook Pierre Marcolini


Chocotober – weekend of the Chocolate Eclair! – 30 OCT – 3 NOV 2013

It’s Chocotober! Christophe Adam, you know the King of the Eclairs, from L’ÉCLAIR DE GÉNIE, is going to invite you to his boutiques in Paris next weekend where (all weekend) you can buy an éclair for ‘juste’ 1 euro! For this event Christophe has also invited Guest Chefs, such as Pierre Marcolini for example,  to create special éclairs just for this event!

All the profits will go to a good cause; research into Retinoblastoma in small children, a type of cancer in the eye.

Chocotober and Christophe Adam's action against Retinoblastoma

Chocotober and Christophe Adam’s action against Retinoblastoma

I know what I’d be treating myself to if I’d live near one of Christophe Adam’s boutiques!

Or indulge yourself via his Facebook updates!

Facebook Christophe Adam



Pierre Marcolini

Macarons Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini is not really so well known for his macarons but for his amazing chocolate. Notwithstanding Pierre M offers 5 different flavours of macarons which, according to Pierre are different to the rest due to their extreme lightness.

Worth a try? A good enough reason for a a short break to Brussels I’d say!