Cronuts from Van Orsouw in Zwolle

In earlier blogs I was updating you about the new hype or craze in the States, the cronut. Dominique Ansel in New York created this combination of a donut and a croissant. Not long after it was published by that a dutch baker, Van Orsouw in Zwolle, was the first to produce cronuts in The Netherlands.


Now, a year onwards, cronuts can be found in more places if you look carefully. However, I had not yet tasted a cronut, …ever. Therefore yesterday, not much going on, I decided to go to Zwolle, to Van Orsouw, the dutch baker that was the first in The Netherlands to have a go at them. I bought a big box to share with my colleagues at work.


So what is it like? Well, … it is very nice, but very sweet, very fatty and very heavy. Honestly half a cronut should suffice! The taste also remind me a little bit of Spanish churros.



Croissant or Donut …. The Doissant, the Washington reply to the NY Cronut

The capital of the USA replied to the 2 month old Cronut by making the Doissant!

The creator of the doissant is Robert Cabeca, owner of Chocolate Crust in Washington. It is said that Dominique Ansel wants to create scarcity by only baking 250 cronuts max per day and thus starting a hype. People are now paying $50 for a single cronut (on the black market). Robert bakes unlimited numbers of doissants and by doing so one only pays $4,50 for a doissant.



 But they are not the only ‘fake’ Cronuts, here are more ‘imposters’….

Croissant or Donut? What’s new in NY? The Cronut!!!

Today my colleague (thanks S!) told me about this new (May 2013)  hot thing in NY; a bakery in Manhattan NY (Dominique Ansel Bakery) that has created the sweet merger between the Croissant and the Donut… and, can you believe it…. they called it the Cronut.

There is a flavour of the month and this month, June, it is Lemon Maple, featuring lemon maple glaze and maple syrup cream. People are queuing up for this bakery from early in the morning! There is talk of a black market in Cronuts. It is  the Cronut Craze!

Yet another reason to visit the Big Apple soon! I wonder how long it will take before the craze reaches The Netherlands!!

Is it a croissant or is it a donut??

Is it a croissant or is it a donut??


Dominique Ansel

Dominique Ansel

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It’s hot, and everybody’s going on about it!