Macaron Ice Cream, the American rage in The Netherlands

Well well, what have we here!? First time I see this in the Netherlands. Macaron ice-cream. Which reminds me of my blog about Pierre Herme’s Ms Gla Gla ice cream of course, but also of the blog about Milk, the ice cream parlor in Los Angeles!  I don’t expect high quality looking at the price, but you can be sure I will be off to the shop Hoogvliet very quickly to at least give them a try and see them for myself! thanks Ms M!

mac ice

MILK Macaron ice creams : next stop Los Angeles

Hot off the press; via i learned about these Macaron ice creams from MILK Ice cream Parlor in Los Angeles. I would love to taste them! Will they be just as great as Pierre Hermé’s Miss GlaGla?? (or perhaps even better??).

I will suggest LA for the next Sugar Babes’ Field Trip!

MILK Los Angeles Macaron Icecream

MILK Los Angeles Macaron Icecream



Macaron ice cream from MILK in LA

Macaron ice cream from MILK in LA


Miss Gla’Gla (Glace de Pierre Herme)

I know, I know, it is not a macaron! But it so happens to be Pierre’s. And it has a macaron ‘waffle’ … and like his macarons, this icecream is also out of this world!

And I can say so,  because I finally tasted it for myself!  Miss Gla’Gla… Pierre Herme’s ice-cream, in various flavors… discovered  them as well and reports  here!