Famous also in Argentina

Jill, famous in Scotland, Paris and anywhere where her book sells, which is now also in Argentina! Her video about Macarons can be watched on her Mad About Macarons Facebook site.

Jill goes South America!

Jill goes South America!


Acide Macarons

I am busy organasing our tour around Paris on Jour du Macaron (20th March) to go and taste macarons from the participating patisiers. Or the not participating patissiers that are also on our ‘to taste’ list.

Jill Colonna

Jill Colonna

Jill, our ‘Mad About Macarons‘ friend  in Paris suggested we’d go and visit Acide.

‘Acide’? I hear myself ask, ‘c’est quoi.. Acide’?? ‘Et  pourquoi Acide?’

Well, Acide tries to balance the natural acids and zest from the fruit with the sweetness of the macaron. No aromas are  used at all.  They are small in size. Small enough to pop in your mouth as a whole and enjoy the full flavours.


When I checked the website I fell in love… first of all with Jonathan and secondly with Jean Paul. Non non non.. it is NOT what you think! But Acide names its macarons after real people with whom the specific characteristics of a certain macaron correspond. Only one is yet unnamed; ‘Anonyme

And it so happens to be the case that Jonathan is a yuzu macaron and ‘Jean Paul’  is a macaron with caramel and Maldon salt. Both irresistible!

Acide Macarons

Acide Macarons

Mind you… as you can see .. Jonathan Blot, Acide’s patissier looks rather tasty himself too!

Here’s an introduction on youtube: http://youtu.be/UhHNsypkJdU and a complete visit report to the shop from Assiettes Gourmandes

Definately to be included in the tour! I can’t wait!!!

Christophe Roussel @ Montmartre, Paris

Christophe Roussel @ Montmartre, Paris

Jill Colonna discovered a new address for us in Paris: Christophe Roussel at Montmartre. What a pity that I didn’t know about Christophe a couple of weeks ago.

Oh well…. reason enough for another visit to Paris soon! For now I will just  start with a visit to his webshop!


Jill Colonna’s Quest for the Best Macarons in Paris….!


Pouchkine Paris by Jill Colonna

Jill, our friend the author of the book ‘Mad About Macarons’ toured around Paris the weekend to check out what’s hot and whose not in the world of macarons nowadays.  There is obviously more to life than just La Duree and Pierre Herme!! And is there an answer to the question: ‘What are the best macarons in Paris?’ Let’s find out from Jill’s LeBlog….

Jour du Macaron in Paris

Jill Colonna, the author of the Book ‘Mad About Macarons’ and blogger of the blog with the same name toured around Paris on Jour du Macaron!

Here ‘s her report of the day!

And by the way, I have pencilled in the date for next year to come with her!!