Macaron Ice Cream, the American rage in The Netherlands

Well well, what have we here!? First time I see this in the Netherlands. Macaron ice-cream. Which reminds me of my blog about Pierre Herme’s Ms Gla Gla ice cream of course, but also of the blog about Milk, the ice cream parlor in Los Angeles!  I don’t expect high quality looking at the price, but you can be sure I will be off to the shop Hoogvliet very quickly to at least give them a try and see them for myself! thanks Ms M!

mac ice

Douche macaron – Douceurs by Christophe Felder

macaron christophe felder douchemacarons douceur christophe felderChrisophe Felder patissier introduced douche gels with macaron fragrances, cherries, menthe to refresh and orange to relax, chocolate to de-stress (different from relax?), blueberries, strawberries and my personal favorite fragrance vanille which apparently is forgiving (!). Remind yourself to lather and by accident take a sip!!

To be ordered from:


macaron douche christophe macarons douche chris felder


Hilfiger gets it: Hold on to what you love!

Poptasi created this for Tommy Hilfiger…. So true:

‘Hold on to what you love’

(don’t let it slip away)

macarons hold on love

Macaron sticky notes

Thanks to Chris for getting me these lovely water colour illustrated Macaron sticky notes set!!!  Nearly too nice to use!

macaron notes2 macarons notes

Macarons in Pomellato jewellery advert

Not only Boucheron loves macrons, Pomellato also loves macarons. And we love the Pomellato’s Nudo Collection!


macaron pommelato1

Marc Jacobs’ Splash Macarons

We found macarons in advertising before, particularly in jewellery and also in beauty industry. Here you see Marc Jacobs’ Splash advert! Haven’t tried this fragrance. It looks nice, am sure it smells nice and clean! Does it?

macaron marc jacobs

Macaron table cloth from Toulon

I didn’t know how quick to respond to Rob’s email asking me how many meters I would like to have. R&A spotted this macaron table cloth in Toulon. 300×150 please!!

macaron tafelkleed

Echt Hema!

Now we really now macarons have reached the point that they are in everyone’s life, even in The Netherlands! Hema sells macarons! Thanks Tan for bringing them along and sorry for not allowing you to have more than 2 (as i wanted to keep the box relatively in tact to take a picture the next morning).

macaron hema

Presented in a box of 12, and 6 classic flavours: chocolate, coffee, pistachio, vanilla, lemon and strawberry. (so now you know which flavours we tried last night and we just slid the wrap back over the empty spaces)..