Patrick Agnellet Macarons in La Clusaz

La Clusaz has a new chocolatier/patissier! The name is Patrick Agnellet from La Clusaz itself I have been told. Patrick already has a large shop in Annecy Le Vieux, but recently also opened shop in home town La Clusaz.

This means competition for chocolatier Morand, who inspired me, all those years ago, to start making macarons myself. Competition is never a bad thing. So I decided to try Patrick. The boutique is so different from the more traditional classic shop of Morand.  It is beautiful, modern, with a clean and bright interiors and the products are colorful and look delicious.

patrick Agnellet

The macarons and some of the other tarts and sable´s  tasted really good. It was my first Coca (Cola) macaron experience ever. Nice! The surface of the macarons was really smooth, I don’t think I have seen or tasted smoother macarons (tell me, how do you do it?).

Patrcick Agnellet

Quelle domage that ze customer experience is…. to say the least… mal! Which is rather unusual (and unwanted) for a member of Relais Desserts! Not a smile, pas de sourire, no explanation about the products, not even trying to be commercial! Amazing.


Relais Dessert Member Patrick Agnellet

Relais Dessert Member Patrick Agnellet

One can be a member of the right associations, spend a fortune on the real estate, the logo, the interior design and even your products can be outstanding, still you want people to buy and enjoy your concoctions don’t you? Patrick are you aware? please, step in and do something about it! Get enthusiastic staff, teach them about your products but also teach them to sell and give good customer service, or else Morand will benefit even more of your arrival!

Patrick Agnellet is also contactable via Facebook, however, unfortunately not much is happening there, the first and last post was from July 2013.

FB Patrick Agnellet

FB Patrick Agnellet









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