Macaron Ice Cream, the American rage in The Netherlands

Well well, what have we here!? First time I see this in the Netherlands. Macaron ice-cream. Which reminds me of my blog about Pierre Herme’s Ms Gla Gla ice cream of course, but also of the blog about Milk, the ice cream parlor in Los Angeles!  I don’t expect high quality looking at the price, but you can be sure I will be off to the shop Hoogvliet very quickly to at least give them a try and see them for myself! thanks Ms M!

mac ice

Revealed today Poptasi’s new creation The Maduche!

Finally, 14th December, the launch of a new kind of pastry!  The introduction of Poptasi’s new creation was going to take place at Poptasi’s pop-up shop in the MINI Brand Store on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam at 12.00 hrs sharp!

Of course I made sure I was going  to be on time! There it was, the red carpet and the Poptasi car outside the MINI store. Inside, in the pop-up store mini macarons covered (as traditional for a Dutch birth celebration) in pink and blue aniseed sprinkles were awaiting us.

poptasi launches new pastry at Mini Brand Store poptasi mini brand store








And there they were, Patrick and his team and (drum roll…) , still hidden underneath a silk black cover sheet,  what was about to be revealed!

Patrick van Drie and the Poptasi Team

Patrick van Drie and the Poptasi Team

At 12.00 hrs, Patrick pulled down the sheet and introduced….. the Maduche! Bottom half macaron, middle a ganache or cream and on top, shaped as the top half of the macaorn, a chocolate bonbon or truffle.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-31 om 22.17.54

For the occasion of the introduction Patrick prepared two flavours, one white chocolate filled with Irish coffee,  the other a chocolate/cream truffle. You can imagine the endless flavour combinations!

It is the successor of the macaron? No, definitely not, it is something completely different! More flavours, more textures in one bite, and therefore a little more ‘complicated’ and definitately richer. Which means you simply won’t be able to eat that many one after the other (at least, I don’t think I can!) like you could be tempted to do with macarons.

Macuche flvours

The two introductory Maduche flavours!

A new Dangerously Delicious Delight is born! I wonder if someone will follow, Pierre Hermé perhaps? Fauchon? LaDurée? One thing is fore sure, if a macaron is already tricky and laboursome  to make, the Maduche is probably even more so!

The Maduche is born! Cheers!

Needless to say I did not leave empty handed; 24 Madushes (12 of each), a Poptasi t-shirt  and a bag of very fine broyage! All for sale by the way in Poptasi’s shop in Amsterdam .

For another report (in Dutch) about this special occasion, read

MILK Macaron ice creams : next stop Los Angeles

Hot off the press; via i learned about these Macaron ice creams from MILK Ice cream Parlor in Los Angeles. I would love to taste them! Will they be just as great as Pierre Hermé’s Miss GlaGla?? (or perhaps even better??).

I will suggest LA for the next Sugar Babes’ Field Trip!

MILK Los Angeles Macaron Icecream

MILK Los Angeles Macaron Icecream



Macaron ice cream from MILK in LA

Macaron ice cream from MILK in LA


2013 Jour du Macaron

Where best to celebrate the 8th Jour du Macaron but in Paris! So finally, after a lot of talking and no doing, the Thalys is booked, the Hotel is selected, the patissiers tour selected (participating and non participating), and the girls are ready to go!


8th Jour du Macaron 2013

8th Jour du Macaron 2013


8th Jour du Macaron 2013!

Un don… un macaron! Une journée placée sous le signe de la gourmandise et de la solidarité!

The Thalys to Paris has been booked, the Sugar Babes  are ready to go….. This year Jour du Macaron will take place on Wednesday, the 20th March. We’re travelling the night before to make the most of the day!

Last year the earnings of Jour de Macaron went to the Association of ‘Autistes sans Frontières‘.  This year the association ‘Vaincre la mucoviscidose‘ has been selected as a good cause.


It’s an easy principle: the patissier gives away macarons and in return the customer donates 1 euro or more if he likes, to contribute to this years’ good cause.

This is already the 8th time Jour du Macaron will be celebrated. The instigator of this special day was Pierre Herme himself, back in 2006, working together with les Relais Desserts. This means that this is not only a French affaire anymore, but an international day!

So…. let’s think… which patissiers will participate??? The planning of the tour starts .. NOW!

To be continued!


Have to have!

in Pedro Ximenez soaked white raisins!

You won’t believe what Pierre H. has concucted as a Noel specialty….. Pedro Ximenex and ‘blonde’ raisins soaked in PX macarons. Oh yes!!

A perfect combination as PX itself is a wonderful dessert wine or sherry with flavours of figs, dates and raisins!


Les Incontournables de Noel

They are hidden between other treasures, amongst fig, rose hip, chocolate, foie gras and candied chestnust flavoured macarons  in Pierres special selection Christmas box called:

LES INCONTOURNABLES MACARONS DE NOËL.  Available from his web shop!

Festive Season part I – The Discovery of Adriano Zumbo

Today I received the first delivery of a couple more to follow. Been treating myself to some more macaron books! One of them  is ‘Zumbarons’  by Adriano Zumbo, an Austrialian patissier. I had not heard of him before but just stumbeled upon this book in my search for new books.

I then discovered that Adriano Zumbo is a renowned Australian patissier and chef, famous for delighting audiences with his unique croquembouche tower, V8 cake and fairytale house on MasterChef Australia.  Zumbo is also well known for terrifying Masterchef contestants with his technically challenging desserts. Zumbo’s creations are unique in their names as well exceptional in the technique he applies.  So, what a find! Can’t wait to start reading (and trying) his recipes!

Presents to self! Zumbarons and Macarons!

Adriano Zumbo was born to Calabrese-Italian parents and raised in Coonamble, 164 kilometers northwest of Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. Adriano’s parents owned the local IGA supermarket where he developed a sweet tooth and a keen business sense. His early years were spent in Italy where he learned to appreciate various types of coffee, reflected in the coffee inspired culinary items found at the various patisseries he owns around Sydney.

After finishing school at Year 10, Adriano traveled to Sydney to start his pastry chef apprenticeship in 1997. He worked under renowned culinary icons in Australia and France including Ramon Morato (another new name for me to further investigate) and  Pierre Hermé.

Adriano started his career by supplying homemade tarts, muffins, brownies and banana bread to local cafes in Sydney. He later switched to selling goods to grower’s market before opening his first patisserie in Balmain in 2007. Today, Adriano Zumbo owns four Sydney patisseries in Balmain, Manly, Star City and Rozelle. Besides appearing as a guest judge on Masterchef and an observational documentary series, 2011 saw Adrian Zumbo release his first book ‘Zumbo Book’.


Oh No…… Pierre what are you doing to me… Handbags!

Not only macarons, but now Pierre Herme is tempting us with glorious and wonderful hand bags! The same lovely design as the paper bags Pierre uses to package his macarons.

Pierre Herme likes the London Olympics


Pierre Herme’s London Olympics box

To celebrate the Olympics in London he designed a special box. Available in his webshop.

New flavour éphémère Les Jardins du Paradis by Pierre Herme

I just received Pierre Herme’s newsletter in which he announces his new flavor: Nouveau macaron éphémère de la collection Les Jardins… Jardin du Paradis: aniseed and  saffran!



Click here to see the complete Les Jardins collection and Pierre Hemre’s webshop.