Chocolate covered Pretzels

No, they’re not Eclairs! No, they’re definately not macarons. They are Pretzels!! Found them on the same web-shop where I ordered my Macaron scarf, Brika.

Schermafbeelding 2013-11-11 om 22.45.23

 Their Gourmet department has various flavour packages, white chocolate covered, milk and dark chocolate covered ones, or just sprinkles. Don’t they look great?  I love Pretzels, just never tried them with chocolate. See if I can find them in The Netherlands!

Brika Pretzels

Brika Pretzels






When searching a bit further, chocolate covered pretzels seems to be a real American home made snack. Lots of recipes and youtube videos on how to make them can be found. The next thing to try! And that’s how we keep busy!!

pretzels heart

Breadlab video on how to make macarons with Italian meringue

Here’s a video I found on Twitter from @JustMacarons. It shows how to make macarons with Italian meringue. Just the way I do it. Except I don’t see this this guy sticking his finger in, taking it through the macaronnage and licking it….

Schermafbeelding 2013-06-23 om 20.49.23 – How to make macarons