World Championship Dutch macarons by Tout

The World Championship started off really really well for The Netherlands! ‘We’ won 5-1 to Spain. Who would have thought! Fingers crossed that ‘our’ boys continue to play like this. In the meantime we just eat these Dutch macarons by Tout!


Patisserie Tout celebrates 5th anniversary by introducing its 1,000,000th macaron!

Today everybody is invited to join the party at Patisserie Tout (Job van Berkel) in Amsterdam. It is their 5th anniversary and what better way to treat  your guests than with a macaron? A new creation  in the range called ‘Champagne & Valrhona Dulcey Chocolate’

Tout 5th Anniversary

This exclusive macaron is, or so we are being told, the first of its kind, made of Dulcey chocolate, in The Netherlands. Not bitter, not milk, not white chocolate but another kind of blend which they call ‘Blonde’…! Unfortunately this macaron is so exclusive that no single photograph of it could be found, so there is no other solution to admire it than to go there! Today! 14.00 hrs! Amsterdam!

More information on the event and the characteristics of Dulcey chocolate by Chefs Magazine