Macarons en Kokosmakronen in the Markthal in Rotterdam

Last October 2014 the Food walhalla in Rotterdam opened its stalls. After only 3 weeks already 1 million visitors came to see The Markthal, a huge covered but open food market where delicacies from around the globe are being offered to try and taste.  A unique concept combining food, eating, shopping and living. Apart from that a unique architectural design, bringing flow, happiness and colour to the city.  A true landmark!

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Last week I was there for the very first time. It is an amazing place to visit! Obviously my big question was: will there be any macarons!? And the answer is YES! De Patissier, a patisserie originally from the town Oegstgeest opened shop in the Markthal.

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macaron Patissier markthal

As there were so many other temptations (such as the most amazing huge and fresh ‘kokosmakronen’ by De IJssalon!) in de Markthal there was no spare space in my stomach nor my bag to taste or to carry any macarons with you (can you believe it). So the actual tasting of the De Patissier macarons will follow at some moment in the near future.

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Soon De Patissier will also open the on-line webshop!

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And De Patissier is also available on Twitter and on Facebook, and so is de IJssalon also on Facebook.

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Chocotober – Pierre Marcolini’s creation for Chocolate Eclair Weekend! – 30 OCT – 3 NOV 2013

Chocotober has another surprise: Pierre Marcolini, as Guest Chef at this event, has, especially for Chocotober Chocolate Eclair Weekend created this amazing chocolate éclair (Crème de chocolat noir Araguani, ganache chocolat Chuao et grué de cacao caramélisé to be precise).

Pierre Marcolini's Chocotober Eclair!

Pierre Marcolini’s Chocotober Eclair!

So, for those people not living in Paris to visit one of Christophe Adam’s boutiques, but in Belgium, London, Kuwait….  I hope you can also enjoy this eclair where you are!!

Pierre Marcolini now has  six stores in Brussels, a further four in the rest of Belgium, four in Tokyo and two in Paris, one in Kuwait, and one supplier in London. For details  of these stores visit


Or indulge yourself via his Twitter  and Facebook updates!

Twitter Pierre Marcolini

Facebook Pierre Marcolini


Introducing Julien Plumart in Brighton!

When in Brighton last weekend I strolled past Cocoa Patisserie in Queens Road near the Railway Station. A patisserie with a display of macarons in the window obviously always catches my eye. And not only that, but have a look at those meringues as well!!

20130914 brighton  iphone (18)

Also in this case. Reason enough to stop for a coffee and a macaron! The question, as always ‘are these homemade?’ was answered with a ‘Mais biensure, by the owner!’.

Julien Plumart - Duke Street Brighton

Julien Plumart – Duke Street Brighton

We were quickly directed to Duke Street where the owner, Julien,  has a specialist macaron shop with no less than 24 flavours. So off we went, not straight away (because first comes lunch) but in time for the afternoon macaron.

Julien Plumart - Brighton

Julien Plumart – Brighton

The shop on Duke Street is lovely (I love the overhead lighting!)! And the owner, may I introduce you to Julien Plumart, is even lovelier! We tried Pina Colada and Lavender Toffee and Julien gave us his own favorite, mojito, to try. Exquisite!!! An absolute treat! Thank you Julien! Please let me know when you make licorice this winter!

Julien can also be contacted via Social Media, don’t miss his posts on Facebook and Twitter!

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Twitter Julien Plumart