Poptasi – flavours of November

Via Poptasi’s Facebook page I keep up to date on the flavours of the week.

I was so much looking forward for the Pastis flavour to come back, so when I read on Facebook that it was back, I immediately combined a Rijksmuseum visit with a visit to Poptasi!

Not only did I try and buy Pastis, but also Dulce de Leche, Caramel, Coconut-Raspberry, Coconut, Black Sesame Passion Fruit, Taai Taai & Pepernoot( sorry, no translation, let’s call them Dutch & Delicious), and last but not least the Tonka Bean which was described by Poptasi as vanilla’ish and caramel’ish. Enough was said!


Poptasi Dangerously Delicious

The Pastis was, like, ‘HELLO whoopie’!, the Sesame Passion Fruit like ‘ZINGGG’ . and the others just super yummy!

And …. sssstttt… before I left, I got the distinct impression that Patrick van Drie is up to creating something new!!!!

Good news:  the web shop is open again, so you can place your orders on-line again!!

By the way, don’t you just love the little macaron icon illustrations???

Poptasi flavours poptasi flavours


Have to have!

in Pedro Ximenez soaked white raisins!

You won’t believe what Pierre H. has concucted as a Noel specialty….. Pedro Ximenex and ‘blonde’ raisins soaked in PX macarons. Oh yes!!

A perfect combination as PX itself is a wonderful dessert wine or sherry with flavours of figs, dates and raisins!


Les Incontournables de Noel

They are hidden between other treasures, amongst fig, rose hip, chocolate, foie gras and candied chestnust flavoured macarons  in Pierres special selection Christmas box called:

LES INCONTOURNABLES MACARONS DE NOËL.  Available from his web shop!