Share the Love on Valentine’s Day with the Poptasi Macaron gift box

Share the Love on Valentine’s Day with the Poptasi Macaron gift box available from the Poptasi webshop or from the shop in the Gerard Doustraat 103 in Amsterdam. Personalise your gift box with your loved one’s (pet?) name!

So should anybody feel the urge to surprise me with this gift… my favourite flavours are: Limoncello, Dulce de Leche, Pastis51 and Salty Caramal, so basically 3 of each please 😉

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Happy Valentine’s!

Macarons en Kokosmakronen in the Markthal in Rotterdam

Last October 2014 the Food walhalla in Rotterdam opened its stalls. After only 3 weeks already 1 million visitors came to see The Markthal, a huge covered but open food market where delicacies from around the globe are being offered to try and taste.  A unique concept combining food, eating, shopping and living. Apart from that a unique architectural design, bringing flow, happiness and colour to the city.  A true landmark!

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Last week I was there for the very first time. It is an amazing place to visit! Obviously my big question was: will there be any macarons!? And the answer is YES! De Patissier, a patisserie originally from the town Oegstgeest opened shop in the Markthal.

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macaron Patissier markthal

As there were so many other temptations (such as the most amazing huge and fresh ‘kokosmakronen’ by De IJssalon!) in de Markthal there was no spare space in my stomach nor my bag to taste or to carry any macarons with you (can you believe it). So the actual tasting of the De Patissier macarons will follow at some moment in the near future.

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Soon De Patissier will also open the on-line webshop!

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And De Patissier is also available on Twitter and on Facebook, and so is de IJssalon also on Facebook.

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Poptasi – flavours of November

Via Poptasi’s Facebook page I keep up to date on the flavours of the week.

I was so much looking forward for the Pastis flavour to come back, so when I read on Facebook that it was back, I immediately combined a Rijksmuseum visit with a visit to Poptasi!

Not only did I try and buy Pastis, but also Dulce de Leche, Caramel, Coconut-Raspberry, Coconut, Black Sesame Passion Fruit, Taai Taai & Pepernoot( sorry, no translation, let’s call them Dutch & Delicious), and last but not least the Tonka Bean which was described by Poptasi as vanilla’ish and caramel’ish. Enough was said!


Poptasi Dangerously Delicious

The Pastis was, like, ‘HELLO whoopie’!, the Sesame Passion Fruit like ‘ZINGGG’ . and the others just super yummy!

And …. sssstttt… before I left, I got the distinct impression that Patrick van Drie is up to creating something new!!!!

Good news:  the web shop is open again, so you can place your orders on-line again!!

By the way, don’t you just love the little macaron icon illustrations???

Poptasi flavours poptasi flavours


Poptasi now with on-line Webshop!!

Not only the first dutch macaron shop, but also the first dutch macaron webshop!! How cool is that? We don’t even have to drive/cycle/train to Amsterdam anymore to taste the best macarons in The Netherlands (which really is a pity in a way, as visiting the shop is also a joy)!

They offer next day delivery; if you order before 14.00 hrs they get delivered to your home or office address (in NL) the next day (with the exception of Sundays, Mondays and the days after National Holidays).

There is an 8, a 12 and a 25 pieces box of amazing flavours.  You can choose between the ‘Master Selection’, the ‘Cookie and Nuts Selection’ and the ‘Fruit Selection’

Poptasi 25 Master selection box

Poptasi 25 Master selection box

I would love to taste the Pastis 51!

Poptasi Pastis 51

Poptasi Pastis 51

Way to go Poptasi! Only having been live and kicking since Jour du Macaron 2012 in March, already an established and well known shop! And not only to consumers, but also business to business. They have already done many assignments for e.g. Adidas, Apple, Mini, and Karl Lagerfeld to just name a few!

Now there’s an idea for my ‘end of year’ gift for our much appreciated customers!!

Dangerously Delicious indeed!

Poptasi, Dangerously delicious!

Poptasi Dangerously Delicious!


Poptasi facboook

Check out their Facebook page also for updates, pictures and dates of their workshops!